What Is LogGit:

Nothing new, it's just using Git and publically hosted repositories to distribute content in a way that is offline-first, p2p if you want, and doesn't rely on anything other than a personal computer if you want to go old school. Oh, and you don't have to build anything, it's good to go.

This whole project is just giving it a name and a logo so it's easier to talk about it.

How To LogGit:

Step 1. Host the repository to your website or whatever you want to share publicly on Github or something.

Step 2. If you can, place the logo and the url to clone that repository prominently on the site or whatever it is you're sharing.

Step 3. Tell your friends they can get your project via LogGit.

Step 4. Congratulate yourself on making the world a more offline-friendly place!

Learn More:

Check out the essay, which is mostly a bunch of links, because, none of this is new.

Get Updates:

Use the link up top to clone the repo, and fetch every once in a while to see what I add. Will not push updates to this Github copy unless they are needed.

License: all the stuff here that I've done is CC0, articles archived in this repo retain the license of the author.